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Antique Wooden Vase Water Jug

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Antique Wooden Vase Water Jug

Let's talk about an Antique Wooden Vase or Water Jug!

We are new to the blogging scene over here at DHL. Always having wanted to write but never quite getting around to it. Figuring now is just as good a time as any, you all can expect a couple short works a week! Theres just too many fine fun little details and information behind some of these items including these wooden vases, not to share. 


To kick it off, I wanted to talk about these antique wooden vases or water jugs. Hailing from the hills of India, these wooden vessels were hand carved early in the 20th century if not before.

Utilitarian to its core, these crafted lovely wooden jugs had numerous jobs and uses. Often implemented to transport milk, they also carried water and yogurt for the locals who created and bought them. Some jugs may be similar in shape and color, however each one is entirely unique.

Probably unforeseen by the creative artisans, we are so grateful these vessels have ended up in our hands and are seen as an item of beauty! The light natural coloring and organic shapes style perfectly anywhere in the home. Simply sitting on a shelf  or holding a fresh branch or twig on the coffee table, they never disappoint!

finally, there’s a few live on our website here as I’m writing this and I plan to get more given the opportunity! Wishing you all well, we’ll see ya on the next one.

 -Debra DHL


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